For your eyes only…….

This modesty check is a great catelogue of everything a man ever remembers noticing about a womans clothing.

If as a woman you are serious about men not oogling you then this makes great reading. If you don’t believe men look at you in this way ladies, just ask any man who is honest enough and he will admit to having observed all too acutely examples of all these modesty ‘misdemeanors’. Of course these days in our society you can barely walk down the street for thirty seconds without being stuck between the eyes by female flesh especially in the summer.

I wonder how many of my male friends are breathing sighs either of relief or regret now that the summer is over (at least in my part of the world!)

I am sure that the writers of the modesty checklist do not intend to deflect blame for men’s lust to women, but there is no doubt in my mind that modestly dressed women make it 100% easier to copy Job’s example-

”I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl.” (Job 31:1)

Of course these days the internet provides ample opportunity for those who are wanting to induldge our eyes to get free access to materials which may begin as almost acceptable and desend by subtle steps to total depravity. I have heard suggestions that the majority of Christian men struggle majorly with internet porn. I guess that the fact that I am not hearing about many cases of this does not mean men aren’t struggling with it on their own. I expect many people would deny that they were addicted to internet porn. But which of us has never encountered whether accidentily or deliberately material on line we would be unhappy to view with our wife sat next to us I wonder?

Radical action such as Netacountability software may well be called for in many situations. I would certainly consider something like this if I felt that I was being drawn to this stuff, and I might even consider it at sometime for those pictures that arrise in the strangest unlooked for places. I have never been convinced though that this sort of software either stops the determined looker, or could possibly block every example of what is perceived to be a mildly questionable photo placed on an otherwise helpful site. I don’t want to be locked out of for example because of the pit babes section.

Another resource in a similar vein is which is an excelent opportunity to test whether levels of nudity and sexuality that are unhelpful to you will be in a film you plan to watch. It is amazing how much less acceptable nudity seems when it is described in black and white. You may find you quickly tire of reading the details, and that your tolerance level for this stuff gradually declines to the point where you know from the summary grade ‘mild, moderate, severe’ whether you want to see the film. It also grades films for gratuitous violence, but I don’t worry about that at all I must say!!!

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