Is John's gospel venomous?

Should I burn the two hundred copies of Johns gospel that arrived more than a year late at my house today? Should I rather offer them free to any reader who emails asking to see wether John is as ‘antisemitic’ as this writer claims?

The trouble is people cant seem to separate believing that indeed the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus with a belief that Jews today should therefore be victimised. Actually the Romans were involved in crucifying this man, and if we are honest the blood is on all our hands. The furoe about Mel Gibson’s the Passion is making me all the more eager to see it to be honest.

I love John’s gospel the wamth the gentleness the wisdom of Jesus shines out of its pages. It is probably one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. If you have never read it then why not do so and judge for yourself. I couldn’t disagree more with the following quote-

Mel’s Passion gives John’s ‘Word’ new venom – “From beginning to end, the fourth gospel is an anti-Jewish tract. Perhaps it is intended as an argument that Christianity is not simply a Jewish sect, but a brand new, superior religion. Anyone looking for a libretto for an oratorio or a screenplay for a film should avoid John’s gospel. While John, whoever he might have been, was probably not an anti-semite in the racist sense of the term, he was certainly anti-Jewish, rather like a Protestant might be anti-Catholic. And the catastrophic fact of the matter is that this gospel, presumed to be ‘the Word of God’ by Christians, has caused more misery and suffering than any other book ever written.”

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