Now I'm in trouble…….

Anyone who reads this blog with any degree of regularity will know that this blog is in the running to be awarded with the first King of the Blogs prize.

Well, the results of the first round are in and I have progressed into a three way fight with the evangelical outpost and eTALKINGHEAD, two very worthy opponents.

Despite all appearances to the contrary with my attempt at a humouress campaign to influence the results, generally speaking I am really not into blog promotion. I decided to blog, like many, largely for myself. My chaotic thoughts, quotes, ideas and interests find at least some order here. It is a great way to interact and think on subjects. And I love reading other peoples blogs too- I am incurably nosy.

Most of the time visitors come and go as they choose as far as I am concerned. I am certainly not about to try and ‘target’ my blog or change it to foster popularity. After all as Paul said “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. ” (Galatians 1:10, ESV)

No this blog is for me, God and anyone who happens to come by. And yet, to be totally honest, from time to time the steady if not meteoric rise through the rankings at Ecosystem and my page hit rates, interests me more than it perhaps should. This last week or so with the contest has been one of those times. But right now, the interest is waning again and I just want to get on with blogging.

Now though, the contest has changed and rather than a post being judged it will be my whole blog. I feel like the inner workings of my mind are going to be dissected and my worthiness judged. What if they don’t like me? The other three bloggers who didn’t make it through this round-

Clareified Random Fate and Anger Management can at least pacify themselves that only one post was found not worthy. But the whole blog?

Maybe there is something unbloglike about the process of judging blogs by some worthy judges to see which one deserves an ackolade. What of the power of the people to choose the best blog? What of the idea that good blogs will somehow rise by themselves to the top. But most of all, why should I or anyone else be judged to be more worthy as a blogger than anyone else. Anyone can blog, and anyone can at times be interesting to read. Surely all readers can judge for themselves which blogs they want to read- do we need a king of blogs at all I ask myself?

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