An important day?

Although both Tamasin and Henry have both said sorry to Jesus for their sins before, tonight was slightly different. I asked Tamasin what you had to do to become a Christian. She answered that you had to thank Jesus for taking the blame for us, and say sorry to him for all your lies. I said that it wasn’t just lies, but all naughty things, and she agreed. I then said you needed to ask Jesus to be the boss of your life- to be in charge. She said, but I haven’t done that and immediately she and Henry prayed in unison ‘Jesus please be my boss when I grow up’ When I asked if they meant now too, they agreed.

She also said she wanted to be baptised. We shall see if this desire continues.

Henry said in a sure sign of a great theological future, ‘But Dad, if God has all those powers he must already know if we are going to say sorry, so you don’t have to!’

How do you explain Divine sovereignty and human responsibility to a 4 year old? Actually I just said that yes he does know who is going to say sorry, but that we still have to say it anyway. That satisfied him. If only it satisfied older would be theologians who prefer to try and deny one truth or other!

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