League of Reformed Bloggers

You may have noticed a list of reformed blogs growing in my sidebar. Jollyblooger has posted formally announcing the list of reformed bloggers. I am proud to be associated with such a list, and would encourage any of you who consider yourselves reformed to head over there and sign up. There are also some instructions in the comments section on getting atom feeds to work with server.com. This could be helpful for some of the blogs wanting to join the blogdom of God who’s looser definition could certainly encompass any blog in the Reformed bloggers league. The reformed blogs aggregator is now a handy resource which with fewer blogs than the Blogdom of God aggregator features posts for a longer period of time and as such really complements it nicely.

In his post David describes me as “indomitable”. I had to look the word up to see what it means. It made me smile when I discovered it means “impossible to subdue”. By God’s grace us Christians are all intended to be overcomers so may that always be true of me and each of us.

To God alone be the glory!

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