The fate of the world hangs in the balance

Or so the UK’s independent newspaper has it today. A few weeks ago I was expressing boredom with the US election, and I am sure glad that it is now almost over (unless the lawyers have their way!). It seems somehow appropriate that I have been on an enforced blog haitus at this time- as some of my favorite blogs were doing my head in! This is another hastily borrowed PC so once again, I dont know when my next post will be.

Having said all that, for goodness sake GO OUT AND VOTE. People have died for the right to determine their own affairs- please now go out and elect yourself a leader. Do it knowing that the rest of the world probably cares more about it than you do. Please do it decisively and not by a split vote of your supreme court. (One Democrat American I met said that you dont currently have a president as he was appointed by the courts and that instead you have your own “King George”!)

Please, if you are an Evangelical do excercise your democratic duty also- render to Caesar what is due to Caesar and all that!

I will still not endorse a candidate, but what I will say is for goodness sake go and vote because it really does matter. As they say, if America gets a cold the rest of the world sneezes.

May God grant you a clear election and an easing of the sense of bitter recrimination and division that this election seems to have generated.

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