Be afraid….be very afraid Warnie is back!

World of Sven may have been getting fed up with my posting on blogging, but he and the neo-liberals may rue the day he reminded me that I had unfinished business with them!

If he thinks that I have forgotten about all that in my latest obsession with organising the Christian blogosphere, he is wrong.

I dont have time right now to hit back fully so I will post a link to his article so other people can do it for- but trust me, the neo-liberal basher is back. Whats more that rude parody which I fear was directed at me has made me ever more ready for the fight.

What I will say, is that whilst I can see why people want to emphasise that we are united with Christ in his death, there is no getting over the fact that a righteous God must be angry at sin and that all actions should have consequences. The cross was the only way God could let us off those consequences and still be considered just (paraphrase of Romans 3). Explain that or for that matter Is 53 without reference to penal substitution and I may have a bit more sympathy (I probably won’t of course…..)

One thing people who have read this blog for a while know about me is I tend to focus on one subject rather a lot for a while then move on- for sure it has been blogging for a while but you guys should have been glad of the break! Be warned Warnie is BACK!

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