The Creme de la Creme of Godblogs?

Eternal Perspectives has been incredibly kind about me and the 1o Christian Bloggers

Adrian Warnock is a visionary and pioneer in Christian blogs (AKA Godblogs). He is the genius behind the Blogdom of God and, more recently, has created 10 Christian Blogs, a compilation of the some of the best and brightest Christian bloggers out there………

My own experience with Adrian’s Ten Mighty Bloggers has been encouraging and rewarding. Whatever modest success I have had during my brief (three months) time as a Christian blogger, it has come about because of the grace and kindness of such fellow believers. They have linked to me and included me in their blogrolls…….

Thus, one of the joys of being a Christian blogger is the experience of fellowship, community, and cybersphere body life I’ve encountered. Everyone works hard to make everyone else successful. It is something that most churches would love to experience.

The reason these ten blogs in particular were chosen to be in this group was not because they are excellent blogs (although they are), but because they have tried to do more to promote others than most of us have. They are servants of the hundreds of others (like me) who are finding our way through the crowded Blogdom of God. And they are setting an example for the rest of us to follow.

It is interesting to note that although the 10 were actually chosen for being among the most linked to evangelical blogs in the ecosystem, they are perceived as being among the most helpful, most likely to link to you and in some cases anyway among the most well written. I am sure that the two go hand in hand. I know I have learnt and matured so much through reading other peoples blogs (yes including those I disagree with!). Perhaps the most successfull bloggers are simply those most willing to read other peoples blogs and learn from them whilst linking them in the process.

My top tip for any blogger wanting more success is read more than you write, and link to as much as you can from other peoples blogs. My most enjoyable blogging is almost always sparked by someone elses post making me think of something I want to say.

What strikes me is that the real Creme de la Creme of Godblogs is actually out there in the great undiscovered mass of God bloggers who may not have even heard of any of us 10.

There are so many great blogs to read, and so little time that I do rely on blogs that link loads to other blogs to come acrross little gems like eternal perspectives. There are at least 4 or 5 blogs including Eternal Perspectives that I am itching to give a warnie award to- I wish I could have included so many more blogs in “the 10” but then it would have been the Blogdom of God for which of course there are no limits.

With the 10, I can be sure to follow everything written by each of these guys and also the majority of what they link out to. I like these 10 very much, many of them are far better bloggers than I and they reflect a broad range of Christian Blogs. These are each very different blogs.

SmartChristian has mastered the Instapundit role of being a signpost to other blogs. Not for him a daily round up of the rest of the blogosphere post languishing in the unread section of many aggregators. Instead he has several punchy posts a day with clear titles that help me no end to find what others are talking about.

Parableman covers philosophy fabulously. If I want an antidote to both political correctness and stereotypes then I go to La Shawn Barber For theology who better than Jollyblogger and for debate the Wittenberg Gate? For the Christian Republican view we have Patriot Paradox

One thing I like about Le Sabot is the tendency to do things differntly. He has for example reliably reported on the Ukrainian situation whilst everyone else was only speaking about the Tsunami. In the Agora is a news-source worthy of print media which can be relied upon to pick up on legal issues.

Meanwhile, both Joe and I seem to have forgotten that you are supposed to “niche” your blog. He seems to have a broad covering whilst I will grab an issue from time to time and hammer it to death before moving on to a totally different subject (don’t worry the neo-liberals have only got a short breather- I haven’t finished with them yet!)

The main thing we are missing is a Christian Democrat. I guess I come closest as I am not a republican by virtue of not being an American. I know that for most Americans not being a republican probably equals being a democrat but it sure doesnt. Our politics over here are very different. But I will surely help to give some balance by covering our christian democrat brothers and sisters blogs if they keep my up to date with what they are doing.

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