Is Arminianism really Catholicism?

Eric wonders why people call him by the name of his blog, and for me the answer is simple- when I hit “Blog This” thats the name which comes up! I am enjoying his blog a lot these days despite our differences. He has posts from a catholic background and it is great to not be interacting with a straw man. Most recently he has written a great posts which quotes wikkipaedia and suggests that catholicism and arminianism are essentially similar.

The Arminians suggested five, anti-Calvinist corrections [to TULIP], which are summarized below:

Conditional Election: God has decreed to save through Jesus Christ, out of fallen and sinful mankind, those foreknown by Him who through the grace of the Holy Spirit believe in Christ; but God leaves in sin those foreseen, who are incorrigible and unbelieving.

Universal Atonement: Christ’s death was suffered on behalf of all men, but God elects for salvation only those who believe in Christ.

Free Will with Partial Depravity: Freedom of will is man’s natural state, not a spiritual gift – and thus free will was not lost in the Fall. The grace of Christ works upon all men to influence them for good, but only those who freely choose to agree with grace by faith and repentance are given new spiritual power to make effectual the good they otherwise impotently intend.

Resistible Grace: The grace of God works for good in all men, and brings about newness of life through faith. But grace can be resisted even by the regenerate.

Uncertain Perseverance: Those who are incorporated into Christ by a true faith have power given them through the assisting grace of the Holy Spirit, sufficient to enable them to persevere in the faith. But it may be possible for a believer to fall from grace.

Am I wrong, or is this basically what the Catholic Church teaches? It certainly sounds awfully close.”

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