Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson discuss Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson discuss Penal Substitutionary Atonement March 12, 2014

Steve Chalke’s rejection of Penal Substitution around 10 years ago was the first major controversy I got involved with on this blog. In the next of a series of video discussions between him and Andrew Wilson that were moderated by Justin Brierley they revisited this.

Chalke continued to support his viewpoint, but still seemed surprised at the strength of the reaction to him calling Penal Substution “Cosmic Child Abuse” He was clearly scornful of the idea that the wrath of God needs to be satisfied by blood. It was again clear, as the previous session particularly demonstrated, that Chalke simply does not approach the Bible in the way evangelicals have always done.

Andrew Wilson makes the point that the cross is self-giving, and that understanding the Trinity helps us to see penal substitution as nothing like the caricature Chalke rejects. Wilson is nuanced, and sensitive to the way popular theology often twists these concepts, but he is clear on his biblical stand. I am grateful to God for him, and proud to be part of the same family of churches as him. We share a history, and a DNA.  I trust you will enjoy this as much as I do, you can watch it right here:

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