Preaching As Blog Fodder

Sadly I have been largely away from blogging this week (excluding today’s mini storm of pre-blog material that I wanted to publish- some stuff there for those of you who might miss me in my absenses!) As a result I have been unable to defend my firmly held belief that preaching on sundays should be for both believers AND unbelievers and hold largely the same message for both groups, Blogotional has done a great job of at least rounding up links to the growing discussion he and I have been a part of. The trouble is there is simply too much of it Where is David of Jollyblogger when you need him? He does such a great job of dredging through a collection of old posts and summarising the main areas of disagreement and agreement. I am not actually convinced we agree as much as some seem to think we do, but I love this conversation as preaching is such a major component of my life’s work.

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