PyroManiac romps off with the next Warnie award

PyroManiac the blog of Phillip Johnson is causing such a stir in the blogosphere. I called Phil a hero of the internet largely because of his work on, but now I am convinced he is heading for blogging greatness. The Warnie award is supposed to in part be a prediction that the blog in question, whilst not currently that prominent is heading that way. If I can give others a leg up the way guys like Josh Clayborn did for me then I will be a happy man.

Phil is sure to find success in blogging in my view. Why he hasnt had a blog before now I cannot tell, but if Jollyblogger is right about the dangers of blogging about things we are still processing maybe Phil just simply wasnt old enough. Interestingly Phil claims to have been less than wise at times in fora. I wonder if the blogging media itself helps us to moderate after a while. By collecting all my witterings into one place and keeping them for posterity I become more concerned about how my writings look to others than I would be if I scattered them in fora. I have found blogging helps me to think before I speak as I KNOW that I will be found out by someone if I say something that is too hasty!

Anyway, Phils blog is by far the most interesting new blog I have seen in a while. I do hope that we will see more blogs by people like him who need to be heard by the church today. As a custodian of the teachings of Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon and MacArthur Phil has good taste. You better worry about what he thinks of your blog in my view! But Phil is much more than a custodian of others teaching being himself a preacher and leader of a church.

We are glad that you can join us Phil and I pray that the blogosphere will give more back to you than you will give to it. Believe it or not Phil is not that late to the party, and I am sure we will see more and more Christian leaders following in his wake. Does your pastor have a blog? Why not try and encourage him to do so. I think some of the blogs I love the best are those written by preachers.

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