PyroManiac's Warnie acceptance speach

Phil of PyroManiac was very kind in his acceptance speach:

Dr. Adrian Warnock has the largest and most-read Christian blog in the UK. I first met him in cyberspace in April 1996, when The Spurgeon Archive was less than a year old. He helped index all of my sermons for the World Wide Study Bible project. I haven’t kept up very well with him or the World Wide Bible, but I have read his blog from time to time over the past year or so, so I knew he was still active in cyberspace and ran an important blog.

He surprised me by awarding PyroManiac with the coveted ‘Warnie’ award within days after we launched. Needless to say, I was greatly humbled and (as they say in the UK) gobsmacked.

I looked up from the screen, tears of sheer joy in my eyes, and told my wife, ‘Honey, I’ve won a Warnie for my blog!’

‘I knew you were totally going to embarrass yourself with that thing.’ she said. ‘I just can’t believe you managed to do it the first week!'”

Sadly it seems the praise and attention that has been showered on his blog has already gone to his head. Phil has sadly fallen into the all-too-familiar trap of bloggers. He has started referring to himself as “We”. As far as I know pyromaniac is in fact a solitary rather than group blog- still Phil is not the first to make the slip and he wont be the last! I suspect that one valid excuse is that as a true church man he is used to in his preaching speaking of his church as “we” and since I believe that the corporateness of church is so critical to its success I will let him off this time!

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