Social Styles: different ways of interacting within a team

This post follows on from one entitled recognising differences, and is part of a series entitled “Churches that change the world”

The social styles system takes two dimensions that describe how we relate to other people and uses it to define four types of people.

1. The Amiable is a person who is focussed on people rather than tasks and who has a tendancy to ask rather than tell. Often seen as quiet and unassuming. They are warm friendly listeners who highly value friendships,
Enjoy being in a team and having personal contact with others. Amiables tend to avoid conflict at almost any cost, this may seem desirable but it often means that they tend to sit on a growing pile of perceived slights. They are loyal, trustworthy, advise others, and make people feel comfortable. They are the glue that keeps a team together.

2. The Analytical is a person who is focussed on the task rather than people and who has a tendancy to ask rather than tell. They are deliberate, thorough, logical, and follow procedures , carefully weighing alternatives before committing. They are disciplined, quiet unassuming and show little emotion when dealing with others. They are detail focussed and practical and will competently get a job done right (eventually!)

3. The Driver is a person who is focussed on the task rather than the people and who has a tendancy to tell rather than ask. They are results orientated, taking the initiative and respond ing quickly and decisively. They will correct, modify or add to other people’s suggestions. They like taking charge, and to direct others, making things happen. Often to the point, they have strong opinions and convictions. They are confident, competent, and like challenges.

4. The Expressive is a person focussed on the people rather than the task and have a tendancy to tell rather than ask. They are energetic, inspiring, and emotional. They are comfortable spending time in friendly conversation before moving to the task. They are easily excitable, and ready to share insights and dreams. They are visionary, creative, and take risks. They tend to either infuriate or energise and motivate others!

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