Galatians: the magna carta of Christian Liberty

Pyromaniac recommended I get ahold of a book on Galatians by Boice. The first paragraph is almost enough to sell it to me- sadly I doubt I can get a free review copy though! Just catch this classic Boice which I read on the Amazon website:

Not many books have made such a lasting impression on mens mind as the epistle of Paul to the Galatians, nor have many done so much to shape the history of the western world. Galatians has been called the “Magna Carta of Christian Liberty” and this is quite correct. For it rightly maintains that only through the grace of God in Jesus Christ is a person enabled to escape the curse of his sin and of the law and to live a new life, not in bondage or license, but in a genuine freedom of mind and spirit through the power of God. Because of this truth, Galatians was the cornerstone fo the Protestant reformation. Luther especially loved it. He called it his Catherine Von Bora, for, he said “I am wedded to it”. In Luthers hands the book became a mighty weapon in the Reformation arsenal”

In this day when men are posing questions about the validity of the message of the reformation it is going to be crucial that we go back to this book and find our what it really says.

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