Seeking the good in every Christian preacher

I am determined to learn the secret of seeking the good in all my Christian brothers and sisters. This is why I asked my readers to list on their own blogs their favorite living well known preachers and why they like them.

For too long we have lived in our denominational silos, and many of the names people are suggesting I have not even heard of. Please, if you have commented with a list of names, tell me about them and what they mean to you. If you have a blog, do it on yours with a link to here as it would be great to get a sense of who are the preachers with influence over the Christian blogopshere.

If they have influence among christian bloggers, I am sure that each of these preachers have something to offer each of us, even if we might disagree with some of their theology. Bloggers have become good at respecting what other bloggers from different traditions have to offer. Now what about preachers from different circles?

I just came home from a Rick Warren conference, and at risk of offending some of you, I learnt a lot and will share that with you on the blog sometime soon. As I am about to go away again for the weekend with the extended family to celebrate 10 years of our marriage and 60 years of my mothers life, I may not be able to do so until after I get back. Was any other of my readers in Nottingham with Rick Warren the last few days?