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This post has been entered by Matthew Self of The Gad(d)about. Adrian has accepted my offer to post interesting and unique links to news and other blog entries while he’s on break. Like Superman, I promise to use this new power for good, not evil.

A brief glance around the Web:

Dr. Mike at Eternal Perspectives has rediscovered a healthy “reverential” fear of God by working through Ezekiel. This new/old revelation has given him new insight into how much our sin hurts God, even our “little sins.” As he works through Ezekiel 6, he shows while God’s discipline may not be pleasant for us, it’s very painful to Him as well, because our sin pierces his heart.

David Wayne at JollyBlogger, to whom Adrian shares a wonderful blogging connection, provided some interesting perspective on a chapter from Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. The author poses an argument that church growth is at its strongest when the church sets its members at odds with secular culture, rather than embracing secular culture. David agrees the church has a counter cultural message by its nature and the tension with the secular world is by design, however, he’s not ready to condemn all seeker-sensitive churches. I would add I think there’s a difference between appreciating the tension created by God and being openly hostile to the secular world. The latter would be, in my opinion, what led Jonah into flagrant disobedience. To use an old expression, hate the sin, love the sinner.

Just when Sting and CCM artist Jill Parr tell us they’ve lost their faith in science (and progress), scientists have unraveled the genetic code of rice. Scientists from 10 countries helped identify the 400 million “letters” that make up rice. They hope to develop crops that are resistant to disease and might flourish in harsher climates. “Rice is a critically important crop, and this finished sequence represents a major milestone,” said Robin Buell of The Institute for Genetic Research. Now if they could only improve the taste of soy sauce. On a more serious note, this has to be good news for the “hunger belt” threatening to swallow up Africa. All of this is a reminder for me to support African missionaries and churches who deliver this timely message.

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