The Return of the Warnie Awards

Once again the award that simply will not go away has returned. Two new proud recipients are unveiled on an unsuspecting world.

The first receipient, is a fellow Warnie, although Dave Warnock says he has never been called that nickname. Perhaps something to do with his methodist sensibilities? Warnie is kid of Arniesque really so perhaps as a nickname it is less suitable for our methodist brother? He is certainly nothing if not gentlemanly (Ed- or should that be gentlepersonally?) in our disagreements and his blog is one that deserves wider recognition than it currently has.

The second has come to my attention for 1. Deciding to run with my Galatians challenge (C’mon folks, lets be having some more volunteers!) 2. Being kind about the Brits, 3. His great coverage of the SCOTUS nomination, and finally 4. Volunteering to take the blogging strain whilst I am away. The award goes to none other than Cadmusings.

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