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  • Mohler Hails the 25th Anniversary of the PC

    I am old enough to remember a time without a PC, and young enough to have had them as a child. I’m in that generation E that Mohler mentions!

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    Challies: Spiritual Eavesdropping

    Initial WorshipGod06 reflections from Tim Challies.

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    WorshipGod06 – mp3 Downloads Now Available

    “The main-session messages from WorshipGod06, held August 9-12, are now available. These five messages on understanding and celebrating the presence of God take us from the Garden of Eden to Heaven itself.”

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    “Black is white; and white is black. The false is true; the true is false; the true and the false are one. Let us join hands, and never again mention those barbarous, old-fashioned doctrines about which we are sure to differ.”

    Spurgeon caricaturises the liberals of his day in a way that would suit the neoliberals of ours.

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    VIDEO: Has Rob Bell demonstrated clearly that he is not an Evangelical any more?
    What is an Evangelical?
    The Conviction to Lead by Al Mohler
    Video Interview with Al Mohler
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