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Lig DuncanLig Duncan on Ephesians

Lig’s current expositional series – updated each week. Complete with mp3s and full sermon transcripts. Lig also shares outlines from time to time on his blog – e.g. Lig Duncan on the Consequences of Being Filled with the Spirit from Ephesians 5 where he answers the question “What happens when you are filled with the Spirit?”- You get to sing, make melody, and become thankful and submissive – that’s what!

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“Video preachers aren’t the ones living, working, and suffering with members of the congregation. A church isn’t a gathering of consumers being entertained by the latest video. It’s where the saints commune with God and one another. A video can’t do that.

Local preaching is where it’s at!

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“Deere is effectively showing that his former cessationist position, although on the surface exalting the Bible above fallible human experience, in fact undermines the Bible and robs it of its authority.”

Peter Kirk brings more Jack Deere to bear on the great tongues debate.

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Mark Driscoll Invites You to “Party With Piper”

Mark is clearly excited about this year’s Desiring God conference. He links to video and info on all the speakers (himself included).

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The Regrets of Billy Graham

Justin Taylor links to a profile of the evangelical of the century.

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driscoll“In prosperity theology, God loves rich people more than He loves poor people, as evidenced by His blessing. In poverty theology, God loves poor people more than He loves rich people, who are vilified as greedy thieves.

The problem with both these theologies is that they make money the issue. The real issue is not money, but righteousness.” Driscoll describes for the Seattle Times the theological implications of the world’s two richest people giving their money aw

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“Our task as preachers is to proclaim the whole counsel of God. We will not fulfill our calling if as preachers we fail to do biblical theology. We may get many compliments from our people for our moral lessons and our illustrations, but we are not faithfully serving our congregations if they do not understand how the whole of Scripture points to Christ, and if they do not gain a better understanding from us of the storyline of the Bible. May God help us to be faithful teachers and preachers, so that every person under our charge will be presented perfect in Christ.”

Schreiner on preaching – quoted by Justin Taylor.

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