Pursuing Unity Even When We Disagree Over The Spirit

I am trying to catch up on a few blog posts I’ve missed. There is one, which together with the comments section, is worthy of a mention. Tim Challies has WorshipGod06 – Reflections, and as usual a bun fight over the charismatic issue ensues. But then, something happenes which I am beginning to see happen more and more in the God blogosphere in the last few months. The tone of the comments suddenly changes for the better.

It seems as though Brian suddenly made a connection with the people he was disagreeing with, and – as I have had to do before – he suddenly apologises in a most engaging and humble way. I am really hopeful that this tool can be used to bring a measure of understanding and reconciliation between Christians who disagree. This is what I said to Brian in Tim’s comment box:

Wow! Brian you deserve a medal. Tim, you deserve one, too! If there is anyone who is reading this who doubts the value of what we do online in these blogs, Brian’s humble “conversion” is proof positive. I, too, have learnt over the years that I have been blogging the importance of being more respectful of those who disagree with us, but remain our brothers in Christ. I have learnt SO much in this amazing medium. It is sad that back in the real world we rarely ever mix with those who love God, but come from different denominational (or non-denominational!) backgrounds to us.

May God continue to use the blogopshere to cause us to encourage and strengthen one another!

Bob Kauflin also posts on this subject, and Brian comments further over there. This is a great exchange which is well worth reading. We can all make mistakes. It takes a real man to own up and apologise for them.

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