Who is Adrian Warnock?

In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 28th most widely read post on my blog. The 29th most-read post was my interview with Josh Harris.

This post provides a brief introduction to me and has links to a number of posts I have written which share my story so far. I really must get around to bringing my story up-to-date in 2008!


I have been asked to write a short “biographical” piece, so thought I would share it here. I am also slowly working my way through telling my story.

Adrian Warnock blogs at http://adrianwarnock.com/. He runs the Warnie Awards, which recognize blogging excellence, and the Blogdom of God—a widely varied list of blogs written by Christians.

Adrian is a regular preacher at Jubilee Church in London, UK—which is part of a reformed charismatic group called Newfrontiers. He is a medical doctor trained as a psychiatrist, and now works in research. Adrian is married and a father of five children.

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