Dave Warnock Shares an Alternative View of the Atonement

Dave Warnock and I disagree on almost every issue we ever discuss. But I have something of a soft spot for him. I don’t think it’s our shared surname. (We are not directly related as far as we know!) I think it’s his willingness to explain what he believes, and the way his apparent shock and surprise that others differ so markedly from him mirrors my own at times. In many ways I wish that I had the time to take up his challenge to read one of the books from the other side of this debate, but if his first few posts are anything to go by, then his blogging about reading Pierced For Our Transgressions will help me almost as much.

I am often quite surprised that people who hold views like Dave’s want to self-identify as evangelical. In the past, I rather suspect they would have worn the label “liberal” and been quite content to do so. Anyway, whatever label we wear, I enjoy reading those who think very differently from me at times, not least because it reminds me of the need to be aware of and understanding of their perspectives, however much I might strongly disagree.

Dave Warnock Blogs on PFOT:

  • PFOT: My Starting Position on Penal Substitution
  • PFOT: Feeling Nervous
  • PFOT: Use of Language
  • Pierced for Our Transgressions
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