Happy Birthdays to Me – My Birth, My Rebirth and My Blogiversary

adrian warnockToday is my 36th birthday. I really cannot say I am in my “early thirties” any more! Since this picture was taken a year ago, I have had yet another child! It is a real joy to have such a large and lovely family to spend my birthday with.

Tomorrow is also an anniversary of a day that is very special to me. One Good Friday when I was a young child, my Father first explained the Gospel to me. I made a commitment to Christ based on a simple Gospel that definitely included elements of punishment taken on my behalf by Jesus. I have explained more about what happened in the first post of My Story.”

This month is also another anniversary for me. In just a few days time it will be FOUR YEARS since I wrote My First Blog Entry.

It has been an amazing ride these last four years. In blog years that makes me positively geriatric. I honestly had no idea in the early days that I would gain as many readers as I have. I also had no idea of the number of real friends I would gain from this whole process. There are several people who I have met in the flesh that I would never have met if it wasn’t for this blog. There are also a number of people who, although I have not met them yet, I would definitely call them my friends and from whom I have learned so much.

Thanks everyone for making blogging the real fun adventure it has been! Inevitably at anniversaries, one’s thoughts go to one question — “Where next?” Another question has to be — “How long will I keep this up?” Having made it to four years does this mean I will be a blogger until I die? Will I ever say “Well, that’s it – I have said enough, it’s time to quit?””Will you all ever get bored of me — or will I get bored of YOU? Or, should I think about trying to find some people to do a “group blog” with?

On the other hand, it seems to me like it may also be time to begin to think of a bit of a spring clean around here. I’m a bit fed up with “Blogger” and would love to switch to something else. Anyone out there have any experience of making the jump to wordpress, drupal, or whatever? I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about what I like about the blog at the moment, and what I don’t like about it. If you have any thoughts about the graphical design, the technology, the actual content of my blog, or my blogrolls (including the Blogdom of God) now is the time to speak up. Knowing me, I may not actually do anything about it for awhile, but I’m sure getting an itch to just mix things up a bit!

So to sum up, my question for you all this morning is:

“Where next for adrian warnock’s blog?”

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