Pray for John Piper as He Finishes His Justification Book

There is nothing more important to our faith than justification. Piper via Driscoll is asking for prayer as he finishes his work next week, which will critically examine N. T. Wright’s perspective on justification. We need this book, so get praying! I will let Driscoll tell the story. (The rest of his post about the Gospel Coalition is interesting, too.)

The day was very encouraging, and ended with Dr. John Piper graciously allowing me to hang out in his room for a bit with Justin Taylor and David Mathis. Dr. Piper explained that he was in the midst of finishing his latest book which will critically examine N. T. Wright’s new perspective on the doctrine of justification. He said the project has required an enormous amount of research and is proving to be an intense book to write. To make matters more difficult, his computer crashed which cost him a few days of work. Next Tuesday he will begin the final week of writing the manuscript and selecting a title. I asked Dr. Piper if he would mind if I got the word out to those of us who have appreciated his work that May 29th through June 5th would be a strategic time to intercede for him in prayer. He said he would appreciate prayers as he believes this book is very important for the defense and articulation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and has come with some indications of spiritual warfare. So, on behalf of Dr. Piper, your intercession during his upcoming writing days would be greatly appreciated.

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