Spring Harvest Helps Keswick Out Of A Fix

No doubt due to his recent surgery, Alistair Begg has had to pull out of this years Keswick Week. I received the following press release which announces that Spring Harvest had kindly facilitated Ian Coffey taking Alistair’s place. This is interesting in light the events connected to the ending of the Word Alive partnership which included both Spring Harvest and Keswick. It seems clear that these two organizations are still willing to co-operate in some ways.



Well-known speaker, writer and Spring Harvest Leadership team member,the Reverend Ian Coffey, will be replacing the advertised speaker, the Reverend Alistair Begg, to give the Bible Readings in Week 3 of this summer’s Keswick Convention, which runs from Saturday July 28th to August 3rd. Alistair Begg has had to pull out of the event for health reasons. Convention Council Chairman Peter Maiden commented ‘We are very sad Alistair cannot be with us this summer, but delighted that Ian Coffey is ready and willing to replace him. We are also very grateful to Spring Harvest for their cooperation, which has enabled Ian to come.’ The Reverend Ian Coffey is the Senior Pastor of the Crossroads Church in Geneva, and will be speaking on ‘Postcards from the Edge’, a series looking at the biblical stories of people who have found God in hard places.

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