TOAM07 – Session 2: Rob Rufus

Technical issues prevented us from publishing my friend Pedro’s notes of the first day until now. Pedro said that of the meetings so far, he was pleased to see how well attended the conference had been, and he was very pleased to see the response of the people from different churches. He felt that there was a strong sense of the presence of God. During the session led by Rob Rufus, he was reminded of the beauty of serving God, and also the beauty of knowing that he is all powerful and wants us to hook up with his power. Here are Pedro’s notes from the second session:

  • Pedro AnosikeRob eagerly urged the people of God to live a day at a time—sufficient is the day’s evil. We are entering days when ministers will enjoy serving the Lord by letting God carry their burdens through ministering to the Lord and he ministering to the people.

  • We are in the days of strong prophecy, and prophecy creates potentials and connects us to God when we receive it. We need to be filled with the spirit of faith—is not only for the ministers or for special people; it is for all of God’s people. It is important to note that we’re not talking of intellectual faith that is rampant in our world today. That kind of faith is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.
  • We are constantly confronted by two kingdoms—the kingdom of the earth and the kingdom of heaven, and we reflect the one of which we are most conscious. The spirit of faith is more important than the intellectual doctrine of faith. When we step out into the supernatural, we will receive opposition, but boldness will activate and encourage the spirit of faith—faith is not passive.
  • The joy of the Lord is our strength, and it enables us to worship God without shame.

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