TOAM07 – Quotable Quotes

Pentecostal/Charismatic Post-It Notes has put together a page of short quotes from last week’s conference. Here are a few that stood out to me from his longer list:

  • “For many of us we don’t flow in the prophetic because we don’t understand our sonship. We can read many books, but if we don’t get it settled that we are sons, then we will live as orphans for the rest of [our lives] waiting for the command of God rather than the heart of God. The prophetic is not about just hearing words, but about an encounter with a real Person.” (Julian Adams)
  • “It is ludicrous to believe in an intellectual way that Jesus Christ is raised from the dead alone — if he’s alive, then he will speak and we will hear! He will act and we will see!” (Rob Rufus)
  • “The true prophetic sees the future and brings the future into the now.” (Rob Rufus)
  • “It is ridiculous to try and fulfill a biblical vision without apostles and prophets!” (David Stroud)

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