SERMON – Chosen By God (Ephesians 1) by Tope Koleoso

Last Sunday, my dear friend and leader, Tope preached the following sermon at Jubilee Church, London. This was the begining of a series whereby we intend to preach through the letter.

Many people say that Romans and Galatians prompted the Reformation. I think it is true to say that it is the book of Ephesians that prompted what some people are calling the “second reformation.” Certainly it is foundational to what I believe as a reformed charismatic.

In this sermon, Tope focused on predestination. He did not cover the subject of being sealed with the Spirit as he did that midweek with the church instead. If you do want to read more about that crucial part of chapter one, I have written extensively about it in posts tagged “The Baptism with The Holy Spirit.”

If you want to listen along to the whole series, you can subscribe using iTunes. You can also download the audio, or listen to it right here:

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