A Doctor's Prescription – Read Ephesians

Over at our church’s website we continue to post our sermons, working through the book of Ephesians. We are discovering just how full of goodness it really is! This book is surely the message of the Bible condensed. Who needs a doctrinal statement when you can have Ephesians instead? One man who plumbed the depths of Ephesians was, of course, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones as Ryan of Light and Heat (not to be confused with Heat and Light!) has discovered:

Ryan L. Day of Light and Heat Blog“Over the last two years, I have been been under a doctor’s care. But don’t worry. My doctor’s name is D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, affectionately known as “The Doctor” to those who are familiar with his life and ministry. Even though the Lord called him home in 1981, this physician of the soul has continued to minister to people’s needs through his printed sermons, lectures, and audio messages.

I willingly put myself under his care beginning in September of 2005, and ever since then he has been carefully dispensing measured doses of Ephesians to me. Two years and eight volumes later, I am delighted to report that my spiritual health is markedly improved. Without a doubt, this Doctor has a God-given giftedness to make spiritual diagnoses—and then prescribe the truth of Scripture to meet my exact need.

I have to admit that on many a morning I slugged into my study mentally drained, physically weary, and spiritually discouraged (ministry has a way of doing that to a man). But as I read Ephesians bit by bit—and subjected my soul to Lloyd-Jones’ expositions—nearly every day I found myself being revived back to life. Was it God’s Word that affected me most? Absolutely. Lloyd-Jones would have it no other way. But this physician of the soul knew exactly how the prescription was to be written and the medicine was to be applied. And for that I am eternally grateful.”

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