New Iain Murray Book on Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Most Mondays I post something by or about Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones, one of my historical heroes. Today is an example of this habit. While I was preoccupied with New Word Alive, Martin Downes posted the chapter list for a new book on Lloyd-Jones by the Doctor’s assistant. The book, entitled “Lloyd-Jones—Messenger of Grace,” is broad-ranging, and will look at issues like Lloyd-Jones’ attitude toward the Holy Spirit, preaching, and the impact of his sermons. It sounds like a very interesting book.

Lloyd-Jones is a bit like John Piper in that he refuses to fit neatly into any of our molds. His message still resonates today with cessationist and charismatic alike. I often wonder if today Lloyd-Jones would have identified himself as a reformed charismatic, although there is no doubt that he had serious reservations about some key charismatic beliefs.

To understand his sometimes unique position in relation to some of the controversies of his time is very instructive. You do not have to agree with Lloyd-Jones on everything, but you do have to take him seriously. Murray’s two-volume biography of the Doctor is compulsory reading for those wanting to understand our Christian heritage of the last century.

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