VIDEO INTERVIEW – John Piper on the Preachers He Listens To and How He Became a Pastor

The written transcript of this segment of my interview with John Piper is now available. It can be read here.

This is the fourth and final segment of my interview with John Piper. You can also watch these preceding segments:

  • John Piper on New Word Alive and Spring Harvest
  • John Piper on Passionate Preaching
  • John Piper on Prayer and Bible Study
  • I began this section by asking John which preachers he listens to on his iPOD. He mentioned a number of names, and if you have the e-mail address for any of them, why not drop them a line and tell them you heard Piper has been listening to them! I doubt many things will bring more encouragement to them than knowing that John Piper has found their work helpful.

    When I asked about why he chose to leave the seminary setting and become a pastor, he explained that after a period of time studying the Bible, he felt God was saying to him, “I will be proclaimed and not just analyzed.”

    He also spoke about the need for long-term stability in a church’s leadership team. He spoke about how his wife supports his ministry. “She’s just so incredibly flexible that I married the right woman.” He spoke about what the Piper family home looks like. We even spoke about soccer.

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