MLJ MONDAY – Laziness Not Historically a Characteristic of Christians

Perhaps we should speak more about laziness as Christians. I’m not 100 per cent sure that we can say that the following quote entirely rings true of Christians today as a group. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m concerned that we as the Church have begun to imbibe the inherent laziness of the world. Brothers and sisters, this ought not be the case! We do not live for the beach!

“Christianity has always stood for the dignity of work, for the dignity of labour, as can be proved historically. Heathendom and godlessness are always characterised by slackness and indolence and laziness. As this country becomes more and more godless and irreligious it becomes more and more lazy in every stratum of society. It always happens. But on the other hand, every revival of true religion exalts the dignity of work, because it brings a man to see that God has given him his body and all his faculties and he is meant to use them. Man was not made just to sit back and to enjoy himself and to get every boon for nothing. That is enervating, that is insulting, it does not develop a man’s faculties and powers. But the moment you see yourself as a Christian, as a man made in the image of God, you want to use your faculties.”

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Christian Unity (Studies in Ephesians, Chapter 4, Verses 1-16) (Grand Rapids MI: Baker Book House, 1972), 248.

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