MLJ MONDAY – The Vital Place of the New Birth

I keep coming back to the subject of regeneration. I’m convinced that there is nothing more important for us to keep considering than this—not least because it enables us to be sure that we are saved ourselves, but also because of the effects a right understanding of this will have on us. I was therefore thrilled to find the following quote from the Doctor in a similar vein. We do not talk enough about this.

What, then, is the new creation? What is the new man? What is this new thing that God creates and puts into us? Scripture tells us that believers have been created again after the image of God, and that they receive back the righteousness, holiness and truth which were lost through sin and the Fall. D. Martyn Lloyd-JonesCan anything be more important than that we should realise what it is to be born again and to have the life of God in our souls? If only every true Christian in the world today realised that this new creation, this new man, this new being, was within him, the whole Church would be revolutionised! All our failures, all our sins, are ultimately to be traced to the fact that we do not realise as we should what God has done to us, and the character and the nature of the new man, the new life, that He has put within us. It is only as we understand this fully that we are in any way capable of putting on the new man. Do you know that the life of God is in your soul? That is the question.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Christian Unity, Studies in Ephesians, Chapter 4, Verses 1-16, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1972), 177.

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