Together At Butlins Session 1 – Steve Tibbert

This bit of live blogging will definitely not be as detailed as usual. You can blame my tiredness from the three hour plus drive. Friday night traffic had me wondering if I should have gone round the M25 the opposite way. But when I got here I found that everyone from Jubilee had the same experience whichever way they had chosen to try and get here. So, by the time we had unpacked the car, got to our room, eaten some dinner and got the kids out of their school uniforms, and found the family-friendly overflow we had missed all of the worship and most of Steve’s Talk.

Steve spent most of the time I was able to listen speaking about his personal history and his perspective on the Newfrontiers history to date. He spoke of restoration, the gifts of the spirit, exuberant dancing, camping in the wet and other such things that we have shared together for more than three decades for some of us. He spoke about how that sense of restoring the church had led to a sense of mission to found churches all over the world.

Steve spoke about Paul’s missionary journeys and drew some lessons for today from them. He told us to keep our vision clear, and become caught up in our local church and all that God is wanting to do there. He spoke about the future, and in particular the need to plant more churches in large cities such as London, mentioning Islington specifically.

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