Worship His Majesty!

It seems to me that us reformed believers run the risk that we recognize God is holy, but it can feel as though he is distant. To us charismatics God may instead feel close, but perhaps not seem glorious. Reformed believers understand something of the sovereignty of God, and his glory. All too often, however, we fall into the trap of worshipping a remote God who is not really immanent. As a result God is essentially nowhere to be seen, felt, or experienced. Charismatics often enjoy a sense of intimacy with God. But, all too often we worship a God who is immanent, but can seem warm and cuddly. His holiness, majesty, and glory are somehow lost, thrown out in many cases with a rejection of his sovereignty. Imagine what could happen if the transcendence and immanence of God came together in one worship experience! What would be the result?

One man who is passionate for a reformed theology and a charismatic experience is my pastor, Tope Koleoso Watch this sermon by him and prepare to be blown away as you perhaps realize that you have never truly worshipped as you ought. I encourage you to watch all of it as it builds to a crescendo, and in the last five minutes or so, Tope opens his heart wide, sharing his concern that as our church grows (we have gone from 80 to over 600 in about four years or so) that no one thinks it is because of clever leaders, but rather that we realize it is just the blessing of Jesus, and that as we grow we never lose the foundation that it is all about Jesus. May Jubilee always be a truly worshipping people.

By Tope Koleoso
25 October
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The series will continue, so please do keep visiting the Jubilee site. As always, I do recommend that if at all possible you watch rather than listen to these messages.

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