Matt Chandler: The Weight Of Pastoring And The Knowledge Of Christ

It somehow seems appropriate that the second sermon I am sharing on the blog this year comes from Matt Chandler. Matt has a very similar philosophy to us at Jubilee, and his illness has driven us to pray for him. It has also prompted me to listen to and watch more of his talks.  The following is from a few years ago and is very honest about some struggles he had been facing just a few weeks before. Church leadership is not easy. Why don’t we all make a resolution this year to do our best to be someone who our leaders are thrilled to serve rather than a contributor to the tension that comes when people oppose them.   Chandler talks about his own struggles at the time and also the critical need to experience the presence of Jesus. It is surprising how few speak about this with the passion that Chandler does in this talk.

Here’s praying that the presence of Jesus is very close to him and his family at this time as he enters the year under the shadow of brain cancer. Watch this and be moved:

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