Ten-day empty-grave challenge

Why not write about the resurrection before Easter? There is no more important subject to think and write about! In the following interview, Brian shares a quote from Raised With Christ: “The truth is, we cannot be truly cross-centered without also being empty-grave centered!”

I want to lay down a gauntlet to you. We have ten whole days before Easter. Why not Tweet, Facebook, comment somewhere, or blog about what the resurrection means to you? I will link to a number of posts here and arrange for other links to be posted at raisedwithchrist.net

At the very least, if you have Facebook or Twitter, why not change your status to something like “I believe Jesus was raised from the dead” on Easter day. Just maybe one of your friends might understand that Christians genuinely believe that for the first time.

For the other parts of this interview see Brian’s Blog.

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