Valuing Grace by Terry Virgo Part One

For the next couple of days I will be sharing from Terry Virgo’s series of videos on the values he has based his ministry on. They are expressed in the format of what kind of church he is aiming to build when he works with others to plant. The third value is:

‘A church whose people are assured of the grace of God in their lives and are clear about the full New Covenant benefits of being in Christ.’

Here are some extracts to whet your appetite for the video which follows:

“We tend to forget that the word gospel is telling good news. It didnt start as a religious word it meant announcing a victory. Something had happened. If we just learn rules, things that you need to do, before you have grasped the good news of what God has done in Christ…sometimes people get very confused. The gospel of grace is what it is all about. It is a wonderful declaration of what God has done in Jesus, removing our guilt, our shame, giving us righteousness as a gift. . . No one can condemn you. Most evangelicals would say amen to that but so often fail to apply it and quickly add to it… a lot of rules . . . People can feel that instead of coming to good news they feel they have taken on a lot of responsibilities. . .”

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