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Christmas rush

At this stage many of us are still panicking about things we need to get down work-wise before the Christmas break, let alone the things around the house. For me, I am so grateful to God for my wife who takes so much pressure away from me at this time of the year! But, in my business I have yet to get around to writing my typical review of the year's blogging. It looks like I may have to do that either between Christmas and the New Year, or more likely early in January.All that remains for … [Read more...]

Muslims support Cameron's idea of the UK as a Christian nation

The British Prime Minister's recent obvious statement that Britain is at root a Christian nation has caused the normal uproar among the aggressive secularists. These people are fast trying to turn this nation into an atheocracy where atheism rules with as much brute force intellectually as any religious dictatorship.  Their opposition to Cameron's words is not a great surprise.  What is perhaps more surprising to those who don't understand the allegiance poeple of any faith are increasingly f … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo preaches for Josh Harris at Covenant Life Church on the presence of God

Terry Virgo recently preached for a weekend at Covenant Life Church, the church previously lead by C.J. Mahaney. Virgo preached his heart out about the Spirit-Filled church to a strong response. Virgo is no merely aspirational charismatic, and reports are that many received a touch from the Spirit after these sermons. … [Read more...]

Christmas Giveaway

Check out the great things you can win with the newsletter! Sign up at the bottom of this post if you haven't yet signed up for access to exclusive content, free chapters (some months) and the chance to win great resources.  The newsletter will go out later today so it is not too late to sign up and possibly win.  Remember, once the mail goes out, it is a case of first come first served!Finally Alive by John Piper - 10 copies available to win! Available to those in the USA and UK only.Why i … [Read more...]

John Piper on the passing of another year and our glorious future

This is a great video of the Piper family, it was created by Carolyn McCulley and is well worth a visit. … [Read more...]

Top 40 Referring Blogs of 2011 – Thanks for sending traffic this way

As the year begins to draw to an end, one thing I like to do is share a list of the top non-search engine referrers to this blog. This is of course by way of thank you. I do encourage you, if you own a blog, to frequently link to your favorite bloggers and interact with them. And, if you don't have a blog, why not think of starting one?Thank you is deserved by the following sites especially, but also by the many more sites who individually sent fewer, but in collection with others sent more … [Read more...]

How to help people realise they are in a burning building

I hope you will enjoy this challenging article as much as I did: "I have learned something in recent years. People come to cherish words like atonement and justification when you expose them to other words like bloodguilt and reckoning.I've tried to teach gospel-centric words effectively as stand-alone concepts. It has produced a few amens, yet lives were not radically altered toward God and the good works he has prepared for us to do. I was serving coffee at breakfast, rather than arriving … [Read more...]

The changing environment of the Church today – Keith Hazel

This is a fireside chat type of video with Keith sharing some of his thoughts about how the church is and needs to be changing today. … [Read more...]

An urgent call to action for all Christian students and twenties in the UK

Tom Shaw is a great friend of mine.  He is passionate about reaching a lost generation for Jesus.  Mobilise UK exists to help you get caught up with Christ's mission for a group who go to church less often than any of those that have gone before for centuries. Watch him here, then book in to Mobilise UK. … [Read more...]

Some initial results from the improved charismatic test

I thought I would share some results since I improved the charismatic spectrum test. It definitely isn't labeling everyone as a charismatic any more. Since the rewrite we have had:3% strong doctrinal cessationists who all are also experiential cessationists 7% mild doctrinal cessationists who are all experiential cessationists 24% mild doctrinal charismatics, approximately 50% of whom were experiential cessationists The rest were all strong charismatics around 5% of whom still scored as … [Read more...]