Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible

Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible May 10, 2011

This video comes from my friends at St Helen’s Church here in London. Actually I used to attend this church on a Sunday evening in the 90’s when I was a student (going to a charismatic one in the morning). It was there that I got to know Richard Cunningham and Hugh Palmer.

This clip gives us a good brief insight into the history of the King James Bible which is 400 years old this week. It is remarkable to consider the impact this translation has had. Although we have had new translations since, most to some extent lean on this one. Some, such as the ESV are basically revisions of this early work. We thank God this week for his providence in providing the English speaking world with a translation of his Word all those years ago. There are many languages where the Bible is yet to be available. Let’s pray for the culture and life-changing Word of God to be released in each of them. Perhaps a good way to celebrate this week would be to give to support the vital work of the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Was the King James Version the first translation into English? (1:08)
Was the King James Version King James’ idea? (3:00)
Who was the King James Version against? (5:30)
Was the King James Version a fresh translation? (7:40)
Was the King James Version the most popular Bible of its time? (10:48)

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