Enfield Riots Still Happening: Please pray NOW for the safety of Jubilee Church London and our area

I am getting messages from different members of our congregation who say that gangs are smashing things up yards from their home, or in once case actually at the foot of their flats. Buildings have been looted in Enfield Town, and it seems also on the retail park where our church is based. Please pray for safety for all our people, and for those we live amongst. We do not want any injury or loss of life, and we want the damage to the area we love to stop.

As Tope Koleoso put it on Facebook,

Let us not give our town over to the Enemy but commit it to the hands of God. Let all Jubilee people pray now for Enfield and for the homes and properties of all people, including the Police.

Enfield is not far from Tottenham where scenes of carnage happened yesterday. People ask why is this happening at all? It was all triggered by a fatal shooting of a man they were trying to arrest by police. We were all shocked by the scenes of terrible fires, and by the attempts to stir up racial unrest. We have some members of our congregation who live in Tottenham. All I can say is that it is obviously all a million miles away from the genuine inter-racial unity we experience at Jubilee. Truth be told, Enfield is a very quiet place and I am sure that most if not all of the trouble makers have gone there from outside.

May God deliver us in our time of need. Would you please stand with us right now?

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Adrian Warnock is a medical doctor, and a writer. Since 1995 he has been a member of Jubilee Church London where Tope Koleoso is the pastor. Together they have written Hope Reborn - How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus, published by Christian Focus. Adrian is also the author of Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything, published by Crossway.
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