Guest post: Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermon downloads

Following the popularity of the 9 Pensacola sermons that were published for free download in 2010, we have now made a different set available. It includes 8 sermons that Martyn Lloyd-Jones (MLJ) preached in 1963 at the Summer Bible Conference held by the Hawthorne Gospel Church in New Jersey, USA.

Several of them are similar to sermons in the Pensacola set, e.g. the ones titles ‘Assurance to Those Who are Slow to Believe‘, ‘How to Get the Gospel Across‘ and ‘Prayer‘. However, others in this set are completely different. There is a version of MLJ’s classic sermon ‘But God …‘, another titled ‘Christians: Living Epistles Written by Christ‘, and one that gives ‘Assurance Concerning the Word of God‘.

My favourite amongst them is the sermon titled ‘Assurance to the Uncertain and to the Discouraged‘. It is the fourth sermon in the set, and it seems to me that, having been given the theme of ‘assurance’, MLJ had built-up some significant momentum by this point in the week. There are several lengthy periods during the 61 minutes in which his preaching is fiery and the logic is razor-sharp. For example, in answer to Christians who claim that the only important thing is orthodoxy (to know what we believe) he said:-

“Orthodoxy is absolutely essential, but at the same time I hasten to say this: orthodoxy alone is not enough. You can be absolutely orthodox, but at the same time absolutely useless!”

The Hawthorne sermons can be downloaded from:

Thanks to Robin Lane at the D. M. Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust for this guest post.

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