Top 50 Christian Blogs dominated by the Reformed

I have often said that if two aliens were to come to Earth and split up to study the Christian Internet on the one hand vs the Christian TV and Radio scene on the other they would come to staggeringly different conclusions.  On the so-called “Old Media” the scene is dominated by a wing of the church that is almost entirely unrepresented in the list that follows.  How fascinating that the top Christian blogs reflect a very different collection of people.  I have some theories as to why which perhaps I will talk about sometime, but of the top 50 Christian blogs according to Kent Shaffer’s recent list, a staggering at least nineteen are from the Reformed wing of the church.  I should say that I have only spent a short period of time attempting to categorise these blogs, so do feel free to point out any errors!


1Between Two WorldsJustin TaylorReformed
2Michael HyattMichael HyattOrthodox
3DeYoung, Restless, and ReformedKevin DeYoungReformed
4GetReligionVariousVarious including Orthodox and Episcopalian
5Tim ChalliesTim ChalliesReformed
6Dr. Albert MohlerAlbert MohlerReformed
7Jesus CreedScot McknightOrthodox
8The ResurgenceVariousReformed
10Fr. Z’s BlogJohn ZuhlsdorfCatholic
11Don MillerDon Miller?Emerging
12Desiring GodVariousReformed
13Internet MonkVarious“post evangelical”
14Stuff Christians LikeJon Acuff?
15Faith & ReasonCathy Lynn Grossman?
16Ligonier MinistriesVariousReformed
17The Gospel Coalition BlogVariousReformed
20Christ is Deeper StillRay OrtlundReformed
21Acts 29Scott ThomasReformed
22Ragamuffin SoulCarlos Whittakerevangelical
23Reformation 21VariousReformed
24Pure ChurchThabiti AnyabwileReformed
24Rachel Held EvansRachel Held Evans?
26Compassion InternationalVarious?
27Parchment and PenMichael Pattonevangelical
28Church RelevanceKent Shaffer?
29Steven FurtickSteven Furtick?pentecostal
30Kingdom PeopleTrevin Waxevangelical
31Blog and MablogDoug Wilsonevangelical
32Josh HarrisJosh HarrisReformed
33Tullian Tchividjian Tullian TchividjianReformed
34Ministry to ChildrenVarious?
35Standing on my HeadDwight LongneckerCatholic
36Jesus Needs New PRMatthew Paul Turner?
36Perry NoblePerry Nobleevangelical
38Reformation TheologyVariousReformed
39High Calling BlogsVarious?
40Ed StetzerEd StetzerReformed
41Church Marketing SucksVarious?
42Adrian WarnockAdrian WarnockReformed
43Tall Skinny KiwiAndrew Jonesevangelical
45Brian McLarenBrian McLarenEmerging
46Tony Morgan LiveTony Morgan?
47Dallas News Religion BlogVarious?
49John C. MaxwellJohn C. Maxwellevangelical
50Out of UrVarious?
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  • Brendan

    Pretty sure Rachel Held Evans self-identifies as “Evangelical” but you could also consider her “Post-Evangelical”

  • Brendan

    Stuff Christians Like is definitely Evangelical Humor

  • Swizzlepie

    This whole list is at the end of a link trail back to a company trying to sell software to churches. It is a carrot at the end of a long string. Strange times.

  • Linwood Segrave

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  • Gary

    The overwhelming majority of Protestant Christians in this country are Reformed or one of their descendants, therefore it is no surprise that Reformed blogs are the most popular.

  • Abel 1

    I like to introduce all of you to a reformer who is preaching in the heart of East Angeles. We lovingly call him the Mexican Puritan of East Los Angeles. You would all be be bless by this mighty man of God. Please keep him in your prayers.