Eleven Things Muslims agree with Christians about concerning Jesus

Following my post yesterday, we have been having a nice conversation over Twitter about Jesus with some Muslims. It has been really pleasant to be able to converse without anger or bitterness with them about our similarities and differences.

Most of the following areas of agreement are initially drawn from the article I linked to in yesterdays post. If anyone wants to add to these please do so in the comments. Tomorrow I will post a similar article about things we disagree on.

  1. That Jesus was a messenger of God  (Surah 2:136 and John 8:42)
  2. That Jesus is the Word of God (Surah 4:171 and John 1)
  3. That Jesus had a miraculous birth, born to the virgin Mary (see Surah 19:20 and Matthew 1:18-23)
  4. That Jesus promoted compassion and mercy (Surah 57:27 and Matthew 9:36)
  5. That Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead (Surah 3:49 and Luke 7)
  6. That Jesus performed miracles involving food. (Surah 5:112-115 and Matthew 15:32-38)
  7. That Jesus escaped death (we do, however, differ about how he did this)
  8. That Jesus ascended to heaven and is living there today  (Surah 3:55 and Acts 1)
  9. That Jesus will return to earth (Surah 43:61 and Acts 1)
  10. That Jesus mother should not be worshipped (Surah 5:116 and Luke 4:8)
  11. That the cross involved substitution (more of this tomorrow).

Note that items 7 -8 are not the view believed by every Muslim (more of this tomorrow also).



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  • http://evidentgospel.blogspot.com/ Evident Gospel

    Adrian, let’s not be deceived by their agreements, like I commented on twitter, for instance number 7 in your post it is core of our faith, if Jesus never died (like they say) we are not saved, that was a fight in first centuries and it is today when it comes to Islam. But glory to God for His Son, Jesus who died for our sins. Islam has no sacrifice, has no lamb, has no forgiveness of sins. Some of them are good, moral, but nobody can buy salvation from God through good deeds. Christianity and Islam are irreconcilably, we may have some common things but no way we can reconciled on the basis of the Person of Jesus, because what Koran claims about Him.

    • http://adrianwarnock.com/ Adrian Warnock

      Please be clear, I am NOT saying that Muslims agree with us on everything about Jesus and indeed there is a second post that outlines the KEY differences. The Muslim religion has no notion of a sacrifice for sins. And clearly if the believed the same as we do about Jesus they would follow him!

      • YS

        Muslims believe in the Gospel of Jesus and no muslim is a muslim if he did not believe jesus to be one of the mightiest prophets sent down to mankind. Unfortunetly christinaty has a probkem, the trinity concept has now been rejected by clerics worldwide. So now we must think about the fundamental diffence…jesus never claims to be god and never ever requests his followers to worship him. This is irrefutable. There is not a single verse in the bible to back this.

        • John Wolf

          “I and the Father are ONE” < There's a verse for you

          Jesus is the saviour, the ONLY way, even Jesus said he's the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE.

          I BEG you to PLEASE turn to Jesus so you may be saved

  • Deborah Anderson

    I say this. Muslims hate dogs and cats.But God says love all he had created. Don’t believe the switch I believe he died on the cross. In there Quran says similar to born to death and he rise. Um he died and resurrected! Pork eating is only to certain Muslims. Quran was wrote by Mohammed after death of Jesus as of other today religions. Mohammed didn’t like dogs or cats nor eating pork. Then Mohammed didn’t witness the crucifixion of Jesus so he does not know if he died on the cross The Quran is a man made Bible

    • hosam

      I’m Muslim and i had dogs and cats, please prove what you claiming, do more reading about islam , you are creating hate cycle by writing non true things, you will not find even one Muslim cursing jesus, but a lot of chrsitain curse prophet mohmad, how come we have pet care store and hospitals for pet in every Muslim country if Muslim hate cat and dogs??????

      • John Wolf

        Maybe it’s because we know he was 1) a pedophile (as written in the hadiths) 2) a liar (as proven through the Qur’an) 3) A satan deceived pseudo-prophet (Which is obvious since allah apparently deceived the whole world by “faking/switching” Jesus to have him not die on the cross.

        Are you aware that your pseudo-god allah is written to be proud regarding his deception? Did you know that there is another who has been proud to be the great deceiver of man?

        That being is SATAN.


  • Deborah Anderson

    Mohammed was not born to a virgin he not die and resurrected. He was buried in the grave as all others after Jesus. Muslims need to ask God in a prayer To show the truth to this…God is most powerful he grant u what u want to seek…The truth! Many stories I read about Muslims converting to Christians cause of visions and dreams..

  • hosam

    Thank you for your topic, I hope the day comes we truly understand and respect each other and communicate with out hating and causing war

  • Jodie Tysver Jensen

    Where is there a Christian who believes that Jesus ESCAPED death? Way to slap Jesus right in the face after he died a tragic, horrible death on our behalf. There was no escape. Resurrection is completely different. That is an incredibly dishonorable statement to make, negating his sacrficie.

    • John Wolf

      You took the words right out of my mouth! :)