Sponsor my Mustache

This month I am joining a sponsored mustache growing campaign, called Movember. At the start of the month you are meant to be clean shaven. As you can see if you look really carefully at the photo below, I do indeed have the beginnings of a mustache gracing my uper lip today on day 7!  The campaign is in aid of charity, and I am doing it in memory of my Father-in-Law who this time just a year ago was noticing some embarrassing symptoms, but had no idea what was to come.

Get yourself checked. Get your credit card out. Support cancer care and research by sponsoring me and I will post pictures of how this facial fuzz develops!


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  • Ben Thorp

    You’re looking a bit like Alan Rickman in the 2nd photo…..

  • Jeff Gates

    Mate. Thanx for the pix. Gave me a hearty laugh this morning as I’m not sure you’ll have enough grown in for a “Stache” by the end of the month. As my Dad used to say, “We’ll put some cream on it and let the cat lick it off.” Your Father-In-Law would be proud and I’m sure you 2 will have a good laugh one day when you’re reunited. Grow that Stache!