The Gift of Today

You can watch this video as though it is just another youtube video. Or you can watch it with the sense of urgency that should come from considering the sense of terrible loss prompted by the recent mass shooting in the USA. Or for that matter, the same effect which should come on us whenever we consider any death.

I was at a funeral on Friday when the father of a 31 year old daughter who had died suddenly said “The author of life has the right to decide its beginning and end . . . This death has a great message of hope. The God of all grace will fortify us, fill us. He will never leave us or forsake us.” There was real pain and sadness there that day, but we grieved in a different way to those who have no hope.

But how we respond to grief is not where this video will take us. Rather it is about the need for each of us to face today with real gratitude. You do not know if you will see Christmas day this year. You do not know when your last day will be. That family member who is annoying you right now, how would you treat them if you knew they were going to die in their sleep tonight? This video reminds us powerfully that today is the only gift we have right now, and we must learn to truly be grateful and amazed by that gift:

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