You can change: True salvation

The above video was preached by Tope Koleoso this past week at Jubilee Church in Enfield and Wood Green. It was one of the most convicting yet grace-filled messages I have ever heard. This is the gospel. It is a great sermon for everybody to listen to in order to help you to distinguish in your own life the difference between as he put it “Some kind of response to the gospel vs being born again.”

Tope referred to two Scriptures that should cause all of us to sit up and listen:

Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?-unless indeed you fail to meet the test! 2 Cor 13:5

And secondly the passage where Jesus warns that there will be many who think they are saved but he will say “away from me I never knew you”

Here are some notes that I took from the sermon which I urge you to watch:

    • Salvation is when we make a clear firm decision to give my life to The Lord. Not perfect but I am saved
    • People say they are born again but there has been no change.
    • It’s not just about becoming moral. Much more than that.
    • Salvation is about having been touched by God and then you respond to him.
    • Conception – a seed has been sown Mark 4 seed falls on different kinds of ground. The fact that the seed has touched you doesn’t make you saved. Sometimes it bounces off. Too hard. Some people like it but it doesn’t really take.
    • You can have an experience of God, encounter or miracle and not be saved.
    • If seed never progresses into salvation. Becomes empty religion.
    • Once met an atheist who goes to church because he likes the songs
    • Observers. Some come and go through the motions. Get on right side of God by doing things. No zeal or zest for God and no fruit.
    • Last thing any pastor wants is a member to think they are on their way to heaven but actually on the way to hell.
    • There is such a thing as false salvation.
    • Take the narrow gate! Wide gate is easy believism. Everything so easy. Don’t ask people to read the bible. We will do it for you. Don’t bother singing. No need to pray. Just come. There’s a risk we are helping people all the way to hell.
    • Good tree cannot bear bad fruit. If no change in your whole life, you are probably not saved. You might be on your way to hell


    • False prophets preach a false message which leads to a false salvation.
    • We must move behond religion to a relationship. Religion is damming more people to hell than anything. We can only be saved by the finished work of Jesus.
    • Real salvation is permanent. If you are a son he won’t disown you. There’s a hunger inside you. Even if you sin you regret it and long to do better. Fruit comes.


  • What does true salvation look like? Was your heart moved? Did did
    you feel your sin? Or did you just come wanting him to give you a better job.
  • . God says he will give you a new heart. Your desires change. Your choices change. You are led by the Spirit. Your actions change Ezekial 36. 26-7
  • True Salvation : A decision to respond to Jesus as God. A decision to receive His Word as truth. A decision to reject the world as dead.
  • True salvation means that Christ lives in you. He changes your heart.
  • In Isaiah 6 God didn’t say “you’re not as bad as you think” or “get away from me” but “your guilt is removed!”
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