Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler, and others on TBN

This was one of the things I missed during January when I scaled back my social media commitments dramatically. Matt Chandler, Jefferson Bethke, Priscilla Shirer, Josh Wilsonm and Christ August, who are all solid evangelicals, appeared on special TBN’s Praise the Lord program hosted by Ed Stetzer. The whole program faithfully proclaims the gospel of grace, and is very nicely produced.

This video thrilled me. Too many of us in the circles I move in have made a sport of mocking all Christian TV. Of course there is much that we can criticise, but we have tended to do so from the sidelines. I have already posted that I strongly feel that we have grievously failed in our duty to colonise the airwaves.

I am very pleased to see this initiative, and think this program is a great example of what we should be doing more of. Some people would no doubt criticise such an initiative, but I really don’t think that the Apostle Paul cared one jot who spoke before or after him at the Areopagaus. Similarly, appearing on a Christian TV channel does not represent compromise, nor does it mean that you endorse everyone else who has ever appeared on that station!

I am also pleased to announce that tomorrow I will be interviewing Matt Chandler live here on the blog. Join us here tomorrow at 9:30 Eastern, 3:30pm UK time.

Thanks to Joey Zorina for pointing me to this.

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