How many: “Protestant Denominations” are there really? Read more

The Big Smoke Debate gives you a chance to answer a survey about whether you want to be surrounded by smoke whenever you go out or not! You can guess how I answered it! Read more

Joshua Claybourn: “If man has no duty or destiny, the next logical step is that man has no value. If man has no future, he isn’t worth much. He is worth, in fact, about as much as a tree or rock. No difference. There is no reason to be here, there is no value” Read more

It is always interesting to me how insightful some non believers can be. in Disclaimer an atheist struggles to find a replacement for what he describes as ‘the emotional responses’ of a belief in God. For someone who claims not to believe in God he lists the effect of a faith in an all powerful creator very well. His attempts to construct an alternative arent so convincing : “God is watching me’ – ‘I pray to God at night for… Read more

The ETS appeared to be quite clear that Open Theism (the belief that God neither knows nor usually predetermines human actions), was just plain wrong stating “We believe the Bible clearly teaches that God has complete, accurate, and infallible knowledge of all events past, present, and future, including all future decisions and actions of free moral agents,” They appear less clear about what they should do about its proponents, however with a major committee recommending unanimously that Clark Pinnock could… Read more

Jake Rinard has been provoking people with his statistics: “Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore 13.2 by Bush 2.1” Of course the liberals claim that this is entirely due to poverty, Jake is having none of it but I can’t help wonder – Is there not a third way ? Being British of course I would want to tread that line. New Labour over here once said ‘be tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’…. Read more

Thanks to The Obvious? once again for this one- a Jewish and Arab pair of comedians make the insightful comment: “It is difficult to hate someone you have laughed with”. O for more laughter….. Read more

From Robert Scoble via The Obvious? some : “guidelines for blogging ……I always think about how I’m going to justify what I’m talking about to 1) My wife (she’ll be the first to have to explain it to if I get in trouble). 2) My boss. 3) My MD 4) My co-workers. 5) My readers. Every time I post, I think about these five groups/people” I really will have to learn some tact. Mind you I havent had any complaints… Read more

According to a Russian expedition reported in Pravda: “Kurds living in the place say that in 1948 the area suffered an earthquake; witnesses say that during the shocks the ship was squeezed from under the surface. Suddenly, the whole of the place was lit with bright light. ” Read more

I suspect these sentiments are rather more common in the US than anywhere in Europe. It is I am sure important to understand the view of the Americans looking at this complex issue through ‘911’ glasses. Not even the most pro-Iraq war Englishman would be likely to hold unswervingly to these sentiments, but even the most anti-war Englishman will surely understand a little where these guys are coming from if they replay those images of planes crashing into towers that… Read more

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