Blog contest…..

The 1st Blog contest will be underway shortly and this blog has been specially selected to be part of it. Of course if it was a truely democratic contest it would be up to you the public to vote. As it is there is a panel of judges that has been appointed. Still, it sounds like being interesting at least … [Read more...]

All concentrations of power except the divine will engender abuse.

Thanks for this great quote and explanation Josh … [Read more...]

Patriot Paradox

Patriot Paradox reminds us of a British document and states that following the war, Iraq is in his view better off. Some of this makes horrible reading.Iraq is a terrifying place to live. People are in constant fear of being denounced as opponents of the regime. … [Read more...]

Embryo research may be banned

Embryo research may be banned accross Europe. According to a Labour MEP: "'It is wrong for the European Parliament to be used to impose one ethical view on the whole of Europe. Europe can't be run as if it were a single state with a religious consensus. There is no ethical consensus in Europe.' "This reminds me of a discussion I heard on the radio recently about stopping couples from choosing the sex of their childs baby. The discussion assumed that what was right and wrong equalled what … [Read more...]

Unwanted embryos

Yahoo! News reports that "400,000 human embryos remain frozen in U.S. fertility clinics." and that embryo donation so that unwanted embryos can be used by others is now possible. If we really believe that life begins at conception, then this treatment of 400,000 human beings is surely one of the biggest unseen ethical crises of this century. … [Read more...]

Chopstick removed from patients eye

Like this happens every day, NOT!: "'I really didn't know there was a chopstick in my eye,' Ng said. 'I am feeling better now.'" … [Read more...]

Relevant preaching

Reverend Mike's statement: "sermons should be written with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other! " is so true. Perhaps these days its a blog in the other hand tho! … [Read more...]

British parents set to lose right to smack children

The Guardian reports that although "Three-quarters of parents in one Department of Health survey admitted they had hit their children" efforts to ban this ancient practice of child discipline have resurfaced in parliament. … [Read more...]

blogger comments

blogger comments have now been implemented on this site thanks to 'Comment This'. Any abuse and I will just disable them!!! It is with great fear and trepidation that I open up this blog for public comment! … [Read more...]

Work is hard on marriage

Working with those of the opposite sex can lead to divorceStating the obvious, an 'expert' quotes a businessman as saying: "'I believe a sort of euphoria and infatuation takes place between some people who work closely together,' says the consultant. 'What starts out as a co-worker relationship develops into a friendship, then a deep friendship, and then into a relationship. In my wife's case, work led to business lunches. Business lunches led to 'nonbusiness' lunches and then to 'happy hours.' … [Read more...]