Daniel Bedingfield finds naked woman in his bath

The Mirror reports: “HE’S used to adoring fans throwing themselves at him but the last thing Daniel Bedingfield expected was to find one of them soaking in his bath.” I know some of you are thinking some guys have all the luck, but I would imagine this was actually quite a distressing experience for the famously celibate rockstar. Read more

Blogging from my hotel

After being in three different European countries in two days its great t be able to blog from the comfort of my hotel room. I was lucky enough to be delayed at Heathrow the other day so that in fact from my waiting lounge window I got a perfect view of the last three commercial landings of concorde. This made me think of several things. 1stly life is about being in the right place at the right time and mostly… Read more

Leadership on the web

The Obvious? states “for leaders who have forgotten how to talk like human beings, who are so used to being in charge that they think they are above the fray of human interest and human passion: as we get used to more humane and egalitarian conversations on the Web, we never want to go back to those leaders and companies who only know how to talk down to us. So, what lessons do we learn about leadership on the Web?… Read more

'This will tear the fabric of our communion'

‘This will tear the fabric of our communion’ say the primates of the Church of England Read more

More on the Passion

Faced with the possiblility of not getting a distributor, Mel Gibson’s the passion is causing great interest on the internet- take a look at this site, vote, register your interest and view the trailer. Read more

Labour hopes the Tories never reach Planet Portillo

This interesting article argues Tony Blair is probably glad that Portillo has never made it to the top of the Tory Party. It also makes the point that Portillo who is also appearing as a single mum for a weak is currently on holiday allegedly to ensure that no one thinks that he is trying to destabilise IDS. Read more

A belated apology…….

The family of an English missionary who was eaten by Fijian tribespeople 136 years ago are to receive an apology. Read more

Weblogs with ISSNs?

Is a weblog an online serial publication? Can it then be given an ISSN a bit like an ISBN? It seems it depends where you live! Read more

Ever wished you were a Roman Catholic priest?

If you have always wanted to hear confessions (ie you are nosy) I have just the site for you- here is a sample (NB this is not for the faint of heart and some of these are a little salacious.) A few days ago I was walking my girlfriend to the bus and found a rented DVD on the sidewalk. I picked it up and put it in my pocket and took it to work with me, and watched it… Read more

great google hacks

Use Google to create sentances, find out what the share of a subject certain keywords have, find the dates of events, etc etc… Google hacks is fun, go visit! Read more

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