Over at Patriot Paradox there is a challenge: Take thi paragraph to your blog, linking to my post and the first paragraph, of course, and expand on it. Then someone will link to your post and mine and continue on, a paragraph at a time, to see what shape the story takes. The paragraph: It was a dark and stormy night. Having just finished the newspaper, Jake walks back to his desk and takes a seat behind it. He turns… Read more

In an argument with a british person about the Iraq war this ex-pat American said (quoted on Andrew Sullican: “I simply informed her that I was a New Yorker and that my sister and brother-in-law had lost eight neighbours in the World Trade Center and I wholly support President Bush and the fight against terrorism. ” I am not going to comment on the war itself, but I do feel concerned that 9/11 seems to be used by some as… Read more

Abortion Kills Another: “Another woman was killed by abortion. This time an 18 year old girl. At first report no mention that it was caused by the RU-486 pill given to kill babies in the womb. ” Read more

Thinking further about Terry Virgo’s quote “a pastor loves people and the teacher loves books'” I thought it could be helpfully reworded and expanded. A Pastor loves Christians A Teacher loves books An Evangelist loves non-Christians A Prophet loves God An Apostle loves the Church Clearly we need church leaders who do all these things. Equally clearly, each of our leaders will inevitably focus more on one of these aspects than the others. Without them all (and I definitely include… Read more

There are now an extra 12 million images which reflec 3500 hours of filmed history available FREE online, with the option to purchase rights to the films and high quality prints. This is a tully awesome work that deserves a few hours exploration with an ASDL connection. Too bad my ASDL connection is offline right now but trust me this is worth a visit! Read more

You know you’re feeling old when your daughter points out to you that records are ‘old fashioned’ as happened to Euan over at The Obvious? I guess videos will be next, although my kids like videos as well as DVDs. I still remember black and white TVs and that astonishes my kids! Read more

For an excelelent thoughtful piece about the modern practice of co-habitation where couples living together are sometimes more committed than those who are married this piece is well worth a look. It explains that in English law there is no such thing as a common law husband or wife and asks should there be? For my part, I think its a shame that many people these days seem to drift into some kind of committment to each other without stopping… Read more

The Matrix – Revolutions has a list of sites exploring the philosophy of the Matrix I loved the first two movies, and most of the third. What I hated was the ending. Why is it that more and more films these days seem to blur the good old story of good vs evil and good being totally victorius in the end. I cannot believe that this is the end of The Matrix however, and suspect that we will be hit… Read more

Some quotes from a new book by Terry Virgo I have been reading lately. On leadership Its part of the leadership gift that communicates confidence and expectation of success. On the church ‘We will never stop researching the wonders of the universe. The angels will never stop researching the church’ ‘In a day when people want to give up on church, or simply ignore it, I want to exalt the church because it is exalted in Scripture. It is the… Read more

Euan at The Obvious?? states : “my reason for trying to give The Obvious? a positive outlook is not so much that I am trying to hide any negative feelings from myself or from those who read me as trying to counter the overwhelmingly negative tone of so much of what we read, hear and see in the media. I remember clearly, when I started writing my blog, feeling that I wanted to do my bit to make the internet… Read more

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